Phoebe’s Post: The Squatter Cities.

Hey there,

I want to point out a TED X talk by Steward Brand, an environmentalist & futurist. It is really short 3min

He talks about the Squatter Cities. Ghettos, poor cities where people live in any way they can.

In any case his points are a few but mind blowing! Take care world! Listen and think before it’s too late. We know what we’re talking about. Virtus, our future city is an outcome of people not really paying attention to changes. We need not only to listen but to provoke change in a different path.

1,8 million people leave villages and enter the cities but not the Western cities any more. The Squatters cities, where people try and slowly succeed to get out of poverty. There is practically no unemployment in squatter cities!

1 billion people, 1/6 of the world population lives in squatter cities, and 2 more billion are expected to enter soon.

This seems like an inevitable future. But what happens inside these cities? What laws exist? How do societies organise themselves?

We are Squatters. Not only Time Squatters. We squat at Virtus’ largest museum. And we do have large portions of Virtus organised as favelas, squatter neighbourhoods. Find out more in our novel. Have a glimpse of the future. Then think what you can do about today, before it becomes your future.

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