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Phoebe’s Post: Fix You – Coldplay

I left the Ark fuming and started wandering in the busy city centre streets, wishing that Alex would run after me to apologize. He did not of course ―I was the one who started the fight after all― and that made me even madder. I walked and walked and walked, having no idea where I was going, until my feet… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Charles Bukowski

I think I want to become a poet when I grow up. For me poets are creatures of power. With just a few words they can change the world. Their verses are like little candles that shed some light to the darkness that has covered the past. When I feel lost or low or just fed up, I find comfort… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: The Ark

Huge. Imposing. Magnificent. And full of treasures. I spent hours wandering in there. Admiring, smelling, touching, watching the accompanying videos, absorbing as much information as I could, wondering what the world of the old looked like, how was life back then. I suppose every great adventure starts with a tiny little spark. I think that spark was ignited that day.… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post:Vincent Willem van Gogh

19th century painter. He was born in Holland in 1853 and was brought up in a religious environment, as his father was a pastor, and he himself aspired to be one. He only discovered his artistic gift later in life and started drawing at the age 27. Within a time span of 10 years he created thousands of works of… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: My 14th birthday

It was my fourteenth birthday. We were staying still at the place Flavio offered us at the favelas area. I had slept in late. When I got up I realized I was alone at the attic. I headed to the small furnished area that served as both our kitchen and our living room, made myself a nice cup of tea… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post:Tattoos

I suppose it is a fact not commonly known among 16th century girls, but the art of tattoos is among the most ancient forms of art in the human history. Scientists trace it as far back as the 5.000 BC. It was used as part of religious rituals or as a symbol for social status, or simply for aesthetic reasons.… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Being a Girly Girl

Here is the thing. I can’t be a girly girl. I can’t do girl-talk, flash my eyelashes, flirt or pretend to be a damsel in distress. I don’t change the tone of my voice when I speak to boys or try to attract their attention. I don’t look intensely at people for no reason or use a mysterious smile when… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Appearances can be deceiving

It’s strange how the change in my appearance changed people’s attitude towards me. It was as if they now took more notice of me, as if they paid closer attention. It kind of bothered me. For me it’s the inside that matters, not the outside. Appearances create illusions that can be dissolved within a blink of an eye. A word… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Changing also on the outside

Sooo, as I said, just as I changed on the inside, I also felt the need to change on the outside. I didn’t want to be called or be treated like a little girl anymore. Cause I wasn’t. Alex was regarded with respect in our new neighborhood because of his confidence, his fearlessness, his easy and friendly ways towards everyone.… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Living in the streets – p3

(continuing from part 2…) That split moment before the police officers attacked us, Alex made an unexpected move and dashed sideways into the couple next to us. I took a deep breath, blocked my brain from thinking anything, and rushed to the opposite direction. We started pushing people on to one another and then slip away, grabbed anything we could… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Living in the streets – p1

Living in the streets was like taking a deep breath, jumping from a high cliff into deep dark cold waters, struggling to emerge on the surface, feeling that you are running out of oxygen and just when you feel that everything is lost, your head is out of the water and you are breathing again. After escaping from the orphanage,… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: The night of our escape-part 2

… (continuation of the post: The night of our escape) Every minute seemed like a small eternity. My heart kept beating like crazy, my imagination run wild, coming up with a billion horrible scenarios for Max’s fate. “Where is he, Alex?”, I muttered, my voice strained with worry. “Right behind you!”, a small voice answered making me and Alex jump.… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: The night of our escape

Even now, years after our escape from the orphanage, the night of our actual escape seems to me like a far dream; like something that happened to someone else, long ago, something I’ve read about it, or heard of. I am proud of it though. I just do not believe we fount the strength to go on with the whole… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: like Alice in Wonderland

My mom loved books, especially the old-fashioned ones. You know, the ones made out of actual paper. The ones that survived the flooding of the old world. Battered, worn, dirty as they were, but beautiful. So beautiful! Now a days, in Virtus everything is in digital format. You just project out of your smart watch on to any surface and… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post:The day I met Alex

It was during one of those long grey early evenings ―when I spent hours trying to keep Max away from the bullies and to make him interested in the world again― that it happened. I arrived late at the yard, having being held back at the art class to help clean the mess some of the youngsters had created. I… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: At the orphanage part 1

The first blow was the separation. For the first time in our lives Max and I were forced to split. Max cried and screamed and I begged them not to do this. We had just lost our parents; we couldn’t bear to lose each other as well. My pleas fell into the void. Our guardians were unmovable. “These are the… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: When it all started

Three years. That’s how long Max and I remained in the orphanage. Three years that stunk of fear and hopelessness. Three years full of a cold silence, cruel faces, darkness and a constant feeling of pain that turned into physical pain. They could drive you mad. Some of us did go mad. You could tell by the feverous gleam in… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: The Squatter Cities.

Hey there, I want to point out a TED X talk by Steward Brand, an environmentalist & futurist. It is really short 3min He talks about the Squatter Cities. Ghettos, poor cities where people live in any way they can. In any case his points are a few but mind blowing! Take care world! Listen and think before it’s… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: A room for youngsters

Hi guys, for all of you who know our story please excuse the fact that you may know some of this, for all the other visitors here is a short description of what happened to us, me and my brother Max: Our parents died during an experiment. They got infected by a deadly virus that killed them within a couple… Read more →