Rosie’s Post: Dear Diary… where am I?

Hmmm…busy, busy, busy…so many things to catch up on. Had a wonderful spring break with my friends, just chilling in Virtus but in the meantime all the things that I have yet to discover… The things I missed in all those years. Scientific discoveries, world wars, kingdoms falling apart, books and poetry.. Thankfully, with all the help I can get, from Phoebes, Max and Alex I might be able to prioritise and make a list of all those things that are mandatory for me to know. Or even get a summarised version of some of the most important things that happened 😉 (that would definitely come true if Phoebe were so kind as to help me – I have to ask). Then I’ll have time to go through some of the things that really interest and excite me. Books, science, kings and queens, astronomy or even astrology that seems to be a huge thing today…how curious!

The things is, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, knowing that I am not from this world, not really. I know that in order to get to where we are now, there was once upon a time this world that included my most beloved Cambridge, London, Paris etc. but deep down I still cannot believe what is going on. I have to pinch myself several times and remember that this is not a dream. Virtus is real and not some kind of a technologically advanced imaginary city that I dreamt of and might vanish. Time travel – for God’s sake – is real!!! I’m not in Cambridge anymore. Earth and the world is not as it used to be. Terrible things have happened that have caused an environmental ‘burn-out’ of our planet. Women are no longer restricted, nor are they excluded from education or their place in employment. Girls don’t have to abide by a ridiculous amount of sociocultural rules that would dictate their lives in the past. I mean look at Phoebe…she’s sooo…well, different. To me she’s different. Brave, feisty, alien almost to my eyes, given the way I’m used to seeing girls her age in the 17th century Cambridge, England. Yes, different.

So many new things I need to learn, or rediscover. So many different ways in which I must learn to respond in order to adapt to this new life and be able to catch up with my friends. However, one of the few things that remains as strong and powerful in its consistent appearance throughout the human history, as I’ve come to realise, is people’s need to believe in magic. Whether it be alchemy, that still fascinates and baffles people of all ages, or simply a story of a boy on a broom going to a school of wizardry, a land of dragons and fairies or a few lines written on the last pages of a piece of paper, predicting how your week will turn out to be based on your date of birth, there’s still this undeniable need to believe that there’s something more, something secretive and exclusive, something magical and mysterious… 🙂

I still have a really, really long way to go. Please bear with me and my sentimentalism dear diary and don’t let the late night blabbing and scribbling of a 17th century kind off girl, put you off.
Yours always Rosie

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