Where can I buy the book?

The book is available in Kindle (E-book) and Paperback (Printed version). You can visit our page to find links for them or alternatively you can click on the following links Kindle Version or Paperback

 I want to buy the E-book but I don’t have a Kindle device. What can I do?

You can download the Kindle software or app for free http://amzn.to/1r0LubW (keep in mind that after a while we will have a hard copy edition for the book and if you want to get notified you should “sign in” so you can be the first one to get informed).

Where can I buy the soundtrack?

Visit our products page and click on the “blue button under the book cover or click on the following link http://apple.co/1xaOcPm.

What are the blogs and why should I register to them?

In our “Blogs section” one can find post of Alex, Max, Phoebe and Rosie. Each one of the characters has different interests that will fit one’s interests. One can subscribe to each blog (or all of them) to get notified when a new blog post has been posted. For more information about our blog please visit http://timesquatters.com/blog-groups/