Phoebe’s Post: The Ark

Huge. Imposing. Magnificent. And full of treasures. I spent hours wandering in there. Admiring, smelling, touching, watching the accompanying videos, absorbing as much information as I could, wondering what the world of the old looked like, how was life back then.

I suppose every great adventure starts with a tiny little spark. I think that spark was ignited that day. It was curiosity that ignited it. And enthusiasm. And simple desire for wanting to learn more. Maybe my love for the past stems from the fact that I found the present too harsh, too narrow, too disappointing.

When I got back to our attic that day, I was determined to drag the boys along to the Ark on my next visit there. I knew they would love it; all the technological miracles of the past. What I could not imagine was the impact that that visit would eventually have on our lives. The adventures it would lead us to. All these extraordinary places and people that we came to see and meet; long gone for centuries now.

Since the impossible became possible for us, I keep wondering. Should we travel back and save our parents? That could mean that our parents’ survival might mean the death of hundreds of others; and that we’d probably never come to meet Alex. I can’t imagine life without Alex. I don’t even want to.

Time travelling opened to us all these new worlds, all these exciting possibilities and a whole lot of scary choices and dilemmas. It is not always pleasant and easy. Take the cosmographer business. We could have been killed. And because of what we did, Rosie is now stuck with us here.

I never say that out loud of course. She will pretend to be upset and the boys will just get irritated with me. But, who can blame me? You all remember what happened when we met her, don’t you? How she manipulated Alex and Max into doing her will? Got us in that huge mess and we had to travel here and there and everywhere trying to solve the cosmographer mysteries, while she kept all those secrets from us?

I always keep an eye on her, you know. I’ve never fully trusted her. I still don’t.

And if I want to be completely honest here, I kind of preferred it when it was just me, Max and Alex.

But now, Max has done it. He has found a way to hack the chrono-sets’ advanced new security systems. And we can go all the way back in time. And maybe we could drop Rosie back to her era somewhere along the way?


Wishful thinking, I know.

Have a great week everyone!

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