Author: Phoebe Enbell

Phoebe’s Post: The Ark

Huge. Imposing. Magnificent. And full of treasures. I spent hours wandering in there. Admiring, smelling, touching, watching the accompanying videos, absorbing as much information as I could, wondering what the world of the old looked like, how was life back then. I suppose every great adventure starts with a tiny little spark. I think that spark was ignited that day.… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Discovering the Existence of ‘The Ark’

Once upon a time the world was full of breathtaking landscapes. Massive forests and high mountains, valleys and meadows covered in flowers, extensive wastelands and deserts, huge icebergs and cities so beautiful they seemed to be taken out of fairytales. All that is left now is a vast unending ocean and a few scattered islands here and there. Just thinking… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Living in the streets – p3

(continuing from part 2…) That split moment before the police officers attacked us, Alex made an unexpected move and dashed sideways into the couple next to us. I took a deep breath, blocked my brain from thinking anything, and rushed to the opposite direction. We started pushing people on to one another and then slip away, grabbed anything we could… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: The night of our escape-part 2

… (continuation of the post: The night of our escape) Every minute seemed like a small eternity. My heart kept beating like crazy, my imagination run wild, coming up with a billion horrible scenarios for Max’s fate. “Where is he, Alex?”, I muttered, my voice strained with worry. “Right behind you!”, a small voice answered making me and Alex jump.… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Getting ready to escape from the orphanage

My rational self fought against the whole venture at first. The risks were just too high. If we got caught, isolation would be the least of our problems. We had all heard the stories about the orphans that were sent to high level security institutions to receive special education to prevent them from turning into criminals. But life at the… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: The Squatter Cities.

Hey there, I want to point out a TED X talk by Steward Brand, an environmentalist & futurist. It is really short 3min He talks about the Squatter Cities. Ghettos, poor cities where people live in any way they can. In any case his points are a few but mind blowing! Take care world! Listen and think before it’s… Read more →

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