Rosie’s Post: What is forever?

“One day man will connect his apparatus to the very wheelwork of the universe […] and the very forces that motivate the planets in their orbits and cause them to rotate will rotate his own machinery”.  – Nikola Tesla


I remember sitting by the fire when my Dad explained again and again physics and mathematics, all of the secrets of universe, invisible to the eye, inconceivable to the simple mind. He used to say that man can only imagine things that exist in nature more or less, things that have an image that he has seen before and can reproduce in several variations. It is in deed very difficult to imagine all non existing things. I know it well, since in most of my life I’ve been running, hiding and counting my words, not to betray knowledge that would scare the average man.

Is there a perpetual motion? Can something carry on for ever? What is forever anyway? Max will laugh reading this page of my electronic diary. He explained to me so many times the concept of non linear time-space domain, that I am ashamed to say that I do not really grasp it although I can explain it and talk about it. But forever is such a romantic notion… We connect all endings with death, one way or another, decay, decrease, the diminishing of all down to nothing. So, the opposite, the never ending, the perpetual is a concept that speaks to all hearts. We all want to live for ever, love for ever, be happy for ever. And we were all taught that this doesn’t exist though. But is it true?

The second law of thermodynamics say that this is impossible. Every time we have a motion we have opposing forces, friction, air resistance and so on that try to stop the motion. These forces produce small (and some times not so small) quantities of heat, so some of the motion’s energy is lost, and the motion is certain that it will die at some point.

But is there a system that can produce equal or even bigger energy to the one it loses while it moves?

We know that the concept of energy conservation is valid. In other words energy can not be wasted in the universe but it changes forms. So, what if we could re-transform the energy changed from kinetic to heat back to kinetic in some way? It is a valid thought, a concept that many scientists have worked on, from Archimedes, till Da Vinci or many more after him, obviously the great Tesla as well.

Have they all failed to unlock this secret? They say they have. But do you believe them?

Is it possible that all of them just couldn’t solve such a problem, so vital for the whole universe? What if there is a solution? What if there is a way? What would that mean for ‘the end’, or the ‘forever’ notion? I am sure you understand all the consequences. What if we could find ways to escape decay, re-transform energy, reverse some of the forces, reverse time… I once heard of this notion of ‘reversal of fortune’ and I wasn’t sure what it meant. It means to loose your luck, to loose your path in time? To go back? What is luck anyway? But before I get carried away: think about it.

Could all of the most important minds of all times fail to solve the most important problem of life?

What if they haven’t? What if only some of them know about it? How far would you go in order to find out?

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