Rosie’s Post: My kaleidoscope

How unbelievable my life turned out to be? It’s really hard to imagine, even now that it’s been quite some time since Cambridge…well I wouldn’t want to dwell on that now though. My thoughts today revolve around my kaleidoscope.
Ever since I can remember myself, my father – quite a brilliant man and scientist – would potter around the house, books and papers all over, weird looking machines and strange objects decorating various parts of the house. Most of the time, especially when I was younger, I could tell there was an underlying sense of secrecy about my father and his occupation, but nevertheless I was feeling quite comfortable just being around him while he would work.
At times he was working really long hours and I would occasionally feel lonely, especially since my mother’s passing. That’s when he gave me the kaleidoscope. I remember being fascinated by the light and its reflection on those big windows at the town’s Cathedral. Almost divine. So on a sunny Sunday afternoon, he took me to the garden and presented me with this little wondrous cylinder device, that created the most wonderful colorful patterns. “This is a kaleidoscope Rosie! It traps the sunlight and when shaking it, you can create different shapes of different colors each time. And each time is like a new miracle, which you can carry in your pocket and take out every time you feel lonely!” This was then my little treasure, my secret between me and my dad.
Knowing now that the first kaleidoscope that was recorded in history did not appear until 1817 when it was coined by the Scottish inventor Sir David Brewster, I am sure my father went in great pains to make sure he’d give me something unique and special. He was indeed a great inventor and that is yet one of his inventions that never made it into history under his name. For me the kaleidoscope – it’s name deriving from the Greek words ‘Kalos’ and ‘Skopw’, meaning observing something good – signifies something beautiful and something close to my heart. My memory of my father, my love and devotion to him. That’s why I always had it by my side and probably the reason why Alex saw me …hmmm that’s a story for another time maybe.
That is what started this. That is what brought Alex, Phoebe and Max into my life and set in motion the events that made me part of the Time Squatters! 🙂

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