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Max’s Post: When you’ve got no-one to follow

Being alone seems in the beginning an easy way out. You do not mingle with anyone, you do not make friends, no feelings, you don’t risk of getting hurt. Then, you need to find things to do. I mean other than just attending school and everyday stuff. Really something to do to keep your mind occupied at all times. Science… Read more →

Max’s Post: All the Lonely People

Beatles in the 1960s wrote: All the lonely people, Where do they all come from? All the lonely people, Where do they all belong? I found out about loneliness long after discovering how angry I was. For months the only thing I felt was anger. Not for the people in the orphanage, nor for all the older boys who teased… Read more →

Max’s Post: Alchemy… the origins

Kheme in Ancient Egyptian language means ‘black earth’, as opposed to the red earth, the sand in the desert is the Egyptian name for ‘Egypt’. Kheme means Egypt. From that the ancient Greeks created the word Chemia (which means Chemistry in modern Greek). The Arabs borrowed the Ancient Greek word Chemia to interpret ‘not the black earth’, but the ‘Black… Read more →

Max’s Post: Understanding the Universe in Renaissance

Trying to understand the universe when one can not understand the natural laws of Earth seems almost impossible. But Renaissance is very much about trying to understand how the Universe worked and then create formulae that could describe and explain it without contradicting religion. Was Earth the center of the Universe or the Sun? Was the planets made of the… Read more →

Max’s post: How we measure time – linearly…

Hmmmm…to all my fellow astronomy geek-lovers out there, this is dedicated to you my friends. It’ about time we talked about… well time really, or better the way it is measured in Earth – linearly, with clocks and things like that. Not time travels. This is for later! The division of the day into 24 hours originates from the Babylonians,… Read more →


  In our journey we’ve met several scientists as you’ll discover by reading BOOK ONE, but there are also many that we haven’t got the chance to meet – yet. One of them is definitely Michael Faraday, born 1791 in Surrey of South London. He was born poor, much like me and my sister Phoebe. He wasn’t an orphan though.… Read more →