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Rosie’s Post: William Shakespeare

Not really that long before my time, 77 miles away from Cambridge, lived a great man whose talent is still widely celebrated all over the world today. His name brings into mind famous lines from his work and is associated with the best ever written theatre works there have ever been. His name William Shakespeare. Shakespeare, whose birthday is unknown,… Read more →

Rosie’s Post: The Emerald Tablet

It’s been some time since I first found small hints in Isaac Newton’s work referring to Alchemy! To be honest I always had my suspicions, mainly due to what my father told me about him. He seemed always to be hiding something. Most of the people thought it was just his discoveries and experiments. But I knew it was more… Read more →

Rosie’s Post: London Bridge is falling down

Dear diary, While waiting in the museum today for Alex to finish his morning shift, so we could enjoy our lunch together I happened upon a family of 4 – the parents, along with their twin baby girls , of about 3 years of age. The little girls were playing with a tablet (something which still surprises me to see…honestly…every… Read more →