The Story

TIME SQUATTERS is a transmedia project, set in the future and around a group of youngsters whose time travels and quests span the time history of our planet. Time Squatters is an umbrella project, an eco-system of products that includes books, mobile games, on-line society,TV series, graphic novels, merchandising and numerous other spin-off products.

From the back book cover

Forsten, takes a last look on his screen. 'Don't loose them out of your sight for a moment. Let them think they are invincible, that we've got no clue', he urges his security team. He watches Alex(15), Max(9), Phoebe(14) and Rosie(16) through the hidden surveillance cameras of the Museum. The Ark is the largest and most glorious 'Museum of the Old Life' in Virtus, a city in the far future. What he doesn't know is that Rosie was born in Cambridge in 1664 and was brought over to future in one of the TIME SQUATTERS time travels. Nor does he know that they are about to travel to the Hellenistic Alexandria of the 300 BC, the palace of Rudolf II in Prague (1600), the London Tower (1300), and more, to discover alchemical secrets that would help them uncover secrets hidden in a Kepler's drawing: the Secret of the Cosmographer. In order to succeed they must find out what secret knowledge Isaac Newton, Leibniz, Fermat, Tadeas Hajek, Ramon Llull, and other historical personalities like Magellan shared. It is a hell of a trip they are about to set for, all on their own. World is a hostile place anyway... 

Short Description

TIME SQUATTERS is a new historical science fiction time travelling saga. Blurring the line between reality and imagination, bridging historical events to fiction, the TIME SQUATTERS take you on a journey back in time but also in the future. Join them in quests where they solve scientific mysteries, try to uncover secret societies and well kept secrets to better the world.

Challenge your knowledge, search for the truth behind myths as well as lies beneath the truth.

The TIME SQUATTERS, Alex, Max, and his sister Phoebe (9-15 years old), live in the city of Virtus in the distant future. They live in the fringe of society, having the basement of the biggest museum in town as their shelter. The earth is flooded and only a few city/islands have survived. Life has changed as cities are almost isolated, surrounded by oceans. Flying is the only way one can cover distances and this has a strange effect on the city architecture, making every building a possible landing space.

The Museum, is filled with objects and 'memories' of the old life. Using a special device one can 'scan' any item and watch the most important moments of the item's' previous life as a hologram. But the three youngsters manage to 'hack' the scanner and travel back to the 'lives' of several exhibits.

In one of their Time Travels, the TIME SQUATTERS meet a young girl in Cambridge of 1600s, Rosie, and together they get involved in a long and dangerous search. It is quite a trip they embark on, all on their own.

They travel to the Hellenistic Alexandria of the 300s BC, the palace of Rudolf II in Prague 1600s, the London Tower 1300s, Paris at the French Revolution and more, while they discover alchemical secrets through a series of adventures.

Mathematicians and scientists like Isaac Newton, Leibniz, Fermat, Tadeas Hajek, Ramon Llull, and other historical personalities like Magellan, are mixed in a story of action and mystery. World becomes soon a very hostile place for the TIME SQUATTERS but it has always been hostile to them! They are hunted down by villeins with secret agendas in the time-space continuum.

The Secret of the Cosmographer is the first novel in the TIME SQUATTERS Saga. It is a mixture of adventure and science, where nerds become heroes and heroes get to learn science. But above all, it is story about friendship, loyalty and strength.

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