AR Markers

How to use the AR Markers for the Time Squatters AR App (download for free from Google Play App Store)

The following images are 'Markers' for our Augmented Reality Application (AR).

The Markers are used in relation to the application 'Time Squatters AR' that you can download for free from Google Play.

Once you download the App, point the camera of your smart device to one of the markers below (one at a time). You will need to point your smart device to your PC screen in order to watch the main characters of the Time Squatters (Phoebe, Max, Alex, Rosie) telling you parts of the story, explaining what they do and why. You can use your fingers and turn the characters around, get them closer, turn them upside down or use one of the two watching angles. Once you move your smart device away from the marker, the animation stops and it resumes from where it stopped if you return!

Alternatively, you can print the markers if you want, or find them in the revised version of the book: The Secret of the Cosmographer - Book One of the Time Squatters series, soon on our Amazon page.


Have the Time Squatters tell you their story.

'You'll see... It's a lot of fun! ' as Phoebe says...

Download for Free theTime Squatters Augmented Reality Application (Google Play)

Phoebe, Max, Rosie and Alex explain to you parts of their life and adventures. You can use the markers below to integrate the characters into your space, or watch the animations on your smart device.
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